Red Queen Soundtrack

It’s no new news that I’m obsessed with Red Queen. And the obsession runs deep.

I’m the type who will read a book like it’s a movie…I’ll cast the characters, fit the costumes, imagine the scenes exactly as they’re written, add in my own camera angles, and even put in some music. And I’ve done it for years. Years.

I’m definitely the casual bookworm.

So casual.

I still can’t quite figure out the Red Queen world (which is one reason I’m very excited for the movie can I get a heck yeah?) but when I heard the Anna Karenina soundtrack for the first time, I knew I had to use it somehow. And books are always the first thing that pops into my head, you know.

We know.


The Overture is beautiful theme for the story: somehow Dario Marianelli composed a price that is both light and seriously intense at the same time. It’s fair to say I’m awed. I actually found this piece right before I started the book, and I listened to it all the way through chapter one and two. So to say it influenced my perception of the Red Queen world is an understatement…but I’m so glad it did.

And while I adore the Overture with all of my little musical heart, I really fell in love with the soundtrack when I heard Dance With Me. Remember Cal and Mare’s dance? (Stop smiling, I know you do), listen to Dance With Me and tell me it’s not perfect.

Because it is.

Of course, because it’s from Anna Karenina, it has a definite Russian sound, which might not jive with some of y’all, but that’s totally okay. I just love it because it sounds slightly medieval (which is what I imagined part of the Red Queen world to be like) and fits the aura of the scene (and book as a whole) with astonishing accuracy.

I love how Marianelli captured emotion in the score here. He used overlapping melodies in the climax of the song which perfectly play into a feeling of tension and conflict. The man is brilliant.

But if we want to be really classical—am I the only one excited right now?—Rachmaninoff’s Concerto No. 2 is even better.

Is that not perfect? It makes me want to shove that video in the face of anyone who dares to tell me classical music is boring…which probably isn’t a good thing.

Again, emotion, intensity, brilliance.

Yes, just yes.

As a final note, the rest of the Anna Karenina album fits the rest of the book series beautifully as well. The soundtrack is just incredible, and it enhanced my reading experience 100%. I hope it might do the same for you, too!