If Jane Austen Characters Were From Disney Films

Also known as, let’s play which Disney character matches up with which Jane Austen character! …because, DISNEY!

mrs. bennet and the rabbit from alice in wonderland

OH, the nerves! I think both are likely to have an apoplectic fit in the near future.

elizabeth bennet and belle

The books, the attitude, the falling in love with a jerk a gentleman—it’s all there.

emma woodhouse and mary poppins

Will I get in trouble for this? I feel like if Emma was a nanny, she’s be just like Mary. Basically all I see are two vain but lovable ladies who are very pretty and delightfully witty. I hope I’ll live through this one.

caroline bingley and cruella deville

Because I honsetly think Miss Bingley would do the same thing to those poor puppies. “I DON’T CARE IF YOU HAVE TO MURDER THEM, I WANT MY COAT”

mr. woodhouse and governor swann

Does a father need a reason to dote upon his daughter?

I dare say Mr. Woodhouse would feel the same. Plus they’re both flustered, kindly old men. It just works.

miss bates and dory

So chatty, so funny, so scatterbrained (in the most endearing way). I say yes.

the bertram sisters and cinderella’s stepsisters

IT’S TRUE. They’re all sucky and vain.

fanny price and aurora

I literally just wanted to use this gif because I love Sleeping Beauty and I have no idea if this match actually works.


mrs. weston and duchess

Just. So. Classy.

frank churchill and hans

Muhahahaha, I’m being mean again. But COME ON, guys—how hard is it to not be deceptive?

catherine morland and alice

This is probably the most accurate of all of them. Catherine and Alice both have such strong curiosity and love for nonsense. They both have a wild imagination and lively spirit, plus some funny highs and lows. In short: Miss Morland, meet your twin, Alice.

Do you see any counterparts I’ve missed? Comment away!