Character Anthems: Mary Crawford (Unpopular Perspectives)

I hate this chick. So much.

That being out of the way, I can say: I’m playing around with starting a series based on unpopular characters’ perspectives! So instead of say, Frodo’s point of view in The Lord of the Rings, we’d look at Sauron’s and find a song to match. (Which I can totally see happening, by the way!)

Today’s post, though, is about Miss Mary Crawford, the delightfully vexing, insufferable woman from Mansfield Park. (Is it obvious I can’t stand her?) Anyway…

I found Adele’s Send My Love to be perfect for her point of view.

Here’s a few of the lines from the song matched up with quotes from the book to give you an idea of what I’m thinking.

“I was too strong, you were trembling.”

This line resonates very well with the book, I believe, as Mary is definitely very forward with her opinions! I can see thoughts like those in her head, you know?

And remember Edmund’s discussion with Fanny about Mary?

“I have been pained by her manner this morning, and cannot get the better of it…it grieves me to the soul.”

I say yes.

Let’s do another one!

“You couldn’t handle the hot heat rising.”

Again, this brings to mind Mary’s firey personality; so I can definitely see this working with her perspective as well!

Now for our evidence:

“They had talked…he had reasoned—she had ridiculed…”

I say it works.

Enough of me talking, though! Give it a listen and see for yourself!

The long and short of it is, I can totally imagine a modern Mary Crawford totally jamming out to this song. What do you think? Does it match? Sound off below!

2 thoughts on “Character Anthems: Mary Crawford (Unpopular Perspectives)

  1. The very idea of focusing on unpopular characters and bringing them into the spotlight is great! It broadens our perspective and provides a deeper understanding of the novel!

    P.S. I love this song by Adele, thanks for choosing it 🙂


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