Character Study: Emma Woodhouse

Everyone hates her.

I don’t.

And you better believe I’m defending my precious character.

She’s vain, a very clever manipulator, and only out for herself. I get that. That’s awful. Her treatment of Harriet isn’t the most admirable, and her haughty superiority can get annoying. Which again, is awful.

But I still like her. A lot.


Oh, do allow me. *evil laugh resonates in the distance*

1. She grows.

One good thing about Emma is that she finally sees her faults and confronts them. (Though it took her a heck of a lot of time.) And at least tries to change and grow from them. That’s progress, right?

2. She’s hilarious.

I mean come on. The banter.

3. She’s a good friend.

Ha! Don’t kill me yet. (I see those guns in the air.) She totally mistreated Harriet. For sure. (Bad Emma, bad girl.) But when she realized how bad she was acting, she was remorseful and really tried to be a good friend to Harriet after that. That counts for something?

4. She isn’t perfect.

Well, that’s obvious.

Well, there’s my argument.

I like her, and I hope you do too. Because…well, I don’t have anything else to sway you with. (Like I could anyway.)

3 thoughts on “Character Study: Emma Woodhouse

  1. trinity

    No ones perfect, and the books just portraying how normal people are. The characters people like are the ones that always seen to be nice, but that’s just not accurate. The people you hate in books are just what normal people In this world are like.


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