Five Blogs to Follow

Here’s a few of the blogs I check up on that I thought you might enjoy as well!

1. If Mermaids Wore Suspenders

Imagine everything books mixed with music and wonderful nerdiness in delightfully written posts. It’s fair to say this is my favorite blog out there.

2. Oh My Disney

This is Disney’s own blog, which is really unoriginal and uninspiring of me to share, but you know, whatever. I love it, and if you some Disney too, give it a click!

3. Sara DuJour

This is such a lovely, lovely blog! She covers a lot of subjects, but my favorite posts of hers are her fabulous costumes and cosplays!

4. Word Revel

This blog is excellent for comprehensive bookstagram tutorials and informative reviews. It is very professionally written, and I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks from my visits there!

5. The Book Castle

This blog is great for video and short spoiler-free book reviews.ย If you’re looking for a quick way to find out if a book is worth reading, her site is definitely worth checking out.

(And because I like to break rules, here’s #6…)

6. Paperback Castles

My admiration of this girl’s collection of books is intense. She must be a fairy or somethingโ€”every book she has is aesthetically perfect. (Now I’m wishing I had 755 books too. Thanks for that.)

Well there you go! I hope you’ve found one or two more blogs to add to your fabulous daily blog reading, and if not, that’s totally cool too.

xo, Marie