Character Anthems: Maria Bertram (Unpopular Perspectives)

Ha! A second unpopular perspective post to haunt you forever. You’re welcome. (You can die now.)

In case you missed it, our last UP post was from Mary Crawford’s point of view, featured here.

But now it’s Maria’s turn in the spotlight. The girl is such a jerk, but I have to be nice to her today. Drat.

Let’s cut to it.

This very (very) popular song really resonated with Maria’s Crawford experience, in my opinion. ;)

If you listen, it honestly couldn’t be better for the modern Maria.

Yeah, I know. T. Swift. Get over it. See what I mean though? It works.

You’re bad, Mr. Crawford.

“A new notch in your belt is all I’ll ever be.”

Using this quote (below) from the book as a point of refrence, that line above and the line “you were long gone before you met me…the joke is on me!” makes perfect sense. ;)

“He is the most horrible flirt that can be imagined. If your Miss Bertrams do not like to have their hearts broken, let them avoid Henry.”

So have fun rocking out to this, mod Maria, and don’t cry too hard.


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