April Wrap-Up: Circuses, Stars, Lightning + Happy Things

April has been one awesome month. Smiles! Smiles all around!

As far as The B goes, I bought a domain name (hip hip hooray for impossible-to-spell middle-of-the-night name ideas), celebrated my first blog anniversary (complete with imaginary cake, yes), and pretended to look like I’ve actually been blogging for a year/generally know what I’m doing/not scream when really, 90% of the posts I’ve written are rotting in the trash can or reverted to drafts because they were THAT CRINGEY.

BUT, to return to the April’s silver lining, I’ve given myself a shiny bronze medal for reading because I’ve never read so many books in one month in my life. SEVEN MONSTERS OF DEAD TREE!! SEVEN MONSTERS ALL CONQUERED!

the night circus

I was so ridiculously excited to read TNC that I couldn’t stop myself from starting it immediately after I picked it up from the library. Unfortunately, though, it didn’t rock my world with its awesomeness, even though it was still flippin fantastic. My review is up here if you want to check it out and it is WAY more enthusiastic than this because I had energy then.


Well. One thing this month didn’t give me trouble with was figuring out which book was the worst of the bunch. Caraval was by far the most laughable “why-did-I-read-this” kind of book I read this month, which is sad and happy at the same time. STILL DON’T KNOW HOW TO FEEL EXCUSE ME PLEASE

number the stars

This was a required read for me, but turned out being one of my favorites of the month! It was beautifully written and heartfelt and so, so important. Kid-lit gold, y’all.

the falconer

My review for The Falconer will be up in a few days, but to be honest, it was pretty blah and not review worthy at all. It was my first experience reading a steampunk novel (LOL NO, never again) and it was fairly well done?? It kept my interest enough to finish it, but I’m doubtful I’m invested enough to continue the series.

Update 6/27/18: My review no longer exists but my opinion does. Mourn.

a gentleman in moscow

AHHHHH! Favorite book of the month. No doubt. A Gentleman in Moscow was a rather hefty novel, and it took me quite some time to finish it up. But it was worth every minute and more.

→ My review is up here.

carve the mark

I finished CTM in a rush (libraries don’t need due dates, life is a lie) but I didn’t mind so much…because I really didn’t care about it. At all. Carve the Mark started off a little rough, picked up and got really great, and then…fell. Off a cliff. I CAN STILL HEAR IT SCREAMING AS IT FALLS DOWN INTO THE DISAPPOINTING BOOK ABYSS !!

percy jackson and the olympians: the lightning thief

Not a fan + I know everyone’s going to come at me with knives for this but my opinion is about as solid as yogurt so stay away.

Thanks for sticking around, you mustard!