May Wrap-Up

Ayo! May’s over! It’s cheesy to say this month flew by, but this month flew by. I got to write a little more, sleep a little less, and read a heck of a lot. A few of the books I read were great, but most of them were blah. Sometimes you eat the books, and sometimes the books eat you.

If you’re curious about what’s next, I’ll be posting my review for The Last Olympian early this June, along with my summer TBR and some other surprises (my genius masterplan to take over the world??? a map to hidden treasure??), so stay tuned if you like to hear me scREAM!

But for now…my month in books. Come and enter my evil lair.

the titan’s curse + the battle of the labyrinth + the last olympian

I don’t want to say too much about these because my reviews aren’t all up yet, but they weren’t that bad??? Or good??? The gaps in Riordan’s storytelling were finally filled (yay!) but I never ended up caring (boo!). The writing was unimpressive and Annabeth got under my skin. Let the bullets fly.

Update 6/27/18: All my PJO reviews are gONE because oh my. So much cringe.


AITE. So Heartless started off about as entertaining as watching paint dry, but after a few hundred pages the paint got interesting. And by interesting I mean Interesting. The characters were quirky and idiosyncratic and 98% idiots and the world was so cute and wonderlandy and covered in black and white harlequin squares and I. LOVED!!

→ My review is up here.

soul keeping

Soul Keeping literally took me moooonths to read. MOOOONTHS! It was my first non-fiction book in a while, and as you can clearly tell, they don’t motivate me much and I’d rather hide them in the back of my bookshelf where they can’t see me and I can pretend I read them and learned from them.

I’m a great human yes.

That’s it for me this month! Thanks for following along, you cool person.