My Summer TBR, Presented by SHAME.

Yes, yes. Shame. Because my tbr is so excessively long that I need to plan out my whole summer reading life™ to bring it back to normal human level.

Someone please help me.

seige and storm + ruin and rising


I read Shadow and Bone a few months ago (my review is up here) and I was so blown away that I couldn’t even read the next books after it. I NEEDED TIME. I STILL NEED TIME. (Or I could tell the truth and say that I’m just a forgetful little mustard who doesn’t read sequels because I’m a forgetful little mustard. But who wants the truth.)

So I’m putting them on the tbr because I literally have to. Bookworms feel weird things and compulsion is one of them.

illuminae + gemina


I would’ve started Illuminae 1984239042 months ago, but I’m the breed of human who gets their books from the library and then buys them after once I know they’re really good, and the thing is, I hate it when all my memories of reading the book for the first time are stuck in a library copy I don’t own (and frankly, would rather not have—they’re SLIMY AND GROSS, YES), and I’m almost positive I’m going to love Illuminae and so I want my own copy to read and have the memories in but I just can’t bring myself to do it so I’ve been waiting and waiting to pick it up or buy it and I’m so indecisive and now I’m out of breath and commas so I’ll stop.


I have problems.

(The excerpt I read, though, looked super promising, and from what I’ve heard, it’s amazing, so who knows? Maybe I’ll be brave and bold and idiotic.)

Update 6/9/17: Since writing this post, I’ve actually gotten my hands on Illuminae and finished it. It was awesome but you don’t need to know that yet. As far as Gemina goes, I bought it, too, so I really have no choice but to add it to my tbr because 1) SEQUEL: this is written in the contract 2) there are no excuses for own-but-unread books 3) it turns out I am very brave and bold and idiotic.

everything, everything


The premise of this sounds sooooo good and I’ve never read a contemporary before and EEEP I honestly just want to stare at/pet the cover. That all equals disaster but it also equals amazingness. I know how life works.

the book thief

Another one of those no-exuses-for-unread-owned-books kind of books.

jane eyre


Ok, I’m officially a freak, because this is the third no-excuses-for-unread-owned-books book I have on this list. HA HAH AHAHAHHAH forgive me, for I have sinned.

an ember in the ashes + a torch against the night


First thing: here’s evidence that I don’t always judge books by their covers because to be honest these are actually pretty ugly. (Update 4/25/18: I’m cringing at past me. Past me was a loser.)

I read a sample of An Ember in the Ashes at Barnes & Noble last month, though, and judging from the chapter I read, it’s going to be an amazing book. It looks so interesting, and I’m honestly super stoked to see what the worldbuilding and culture is like!

les miserablés

Ah, the thirteen hundred plus page sucker. I’m extremely daunted by it and I want to throw it in a hole where it can’t see me. But I’ve been told the story, play, and movie are all extremely good, so I’m still very excited to start reading it, even if it gives me nightmares and scary daylight thoughts.

Hopefully my gorgeous Penguin edition will help me out.