June Wrap-Up + The Highly Anticipated, Glorious, Mid-Year Recap Remiscing My Favorite Reads of 2017 So Far

It’s the second of July. 2017 IS MORE THAN HALFWAY GONE. That means we’re due for a nostalgic discussion of the best books I’ve read this year. Muahahahaha I FEEL POWERFUL. (Ignore that. You’re gonna be fineeee.)

Before we get into that, though, let’s wrap up June real fast!


Illuminae was the first book I read this month and IT. WAS. WONDERFUL. My reaction to it was basically the same reaction I would give if a ton of bricks fell on my face but if they had SMILES ON THEM. Because smiles make everything better. :)) :)) :))

→ My review is up here.


Gemina filled Illuminae’s shoes in a way I doubted was possible. Nevermind, I guess Nik did. HEH HEH.

I now have a crush on a Russian thug and I do not know how to fix this. I do not want to fix this.

→ My review is up here.

the young elites

Last is The Young Elites, which was interesting, strange, and super different. It was a little disappointing, but maddeningly entertaining. I want to pay for every character to have counseling because I CANNOT STAND IT

→ My review is up here.

Now it’s time to talk about my mid-year recap literally just because I can. If you feel taken advantage of do not let me know because I do not want to help. I want mindless minions who do what I say. AVAST MATEYS! Here’s six books for six months.

one: king’s cage

When I was going through the books I’ve read this year to pick out my favorites, I did not expect to see King’s Cage and think “that’s definitely a favorite so far.” Instead, I was expecting to throw it at a wall. Even though it was amazing 89.7% of the time, it was maddening for the rest of it. (CAL! WHAT ARE YOU DOING BABY???) Also, I hate Cameron, so that was hard to get over.


BUTBUTBUT. KC ws still amazing in spite of all its sins. And it has many sins.

I just can’t let a Red Queen book slide off my favorites list. I CAN’T!!!

two: the scorpio races

The Scorpio Races was my first Stiefvater novel, and I was so impressed. Her writing was absolutely brilliant and I can’t wait to read more of her work! Hahahah just kidding, I’m going to bask in the glow of this one for a million years and pretend nothing else exits.

There was so much heart to TSR and I just want to hug and protect every smol horse-loving character until I smother them. THE ENDING WAS BEAUTIFUL + THE BOOK WAS BEAUTIFUL + THE WRITING WAS BEAUTIFUL + EVERYTHING WAS BEAUTIFUL

three: shadow & bone

I’ve already talked about my feelings about Shadow & Bone on the blog before, but this is a recap so I have an excuse to talk about it some more. Muhahahaha.

Shadow & Bone was the best fantasy novel I’ve read this year and one of the best I’ve read in my whole reading career. (Psh, you know…reading is totally a valid career choice.) It was rich and mesmerizing, the world was devoloped with extreme skill, and the magic system was well thought through and so unique. I fell in love with the Ravkan world and the characters in it and THE DARKLING and I’m done now ok.

four: a gentleman in moscow

I was so surprised with this one! My expectations were high coming into it, but A Gentleman in Moscow exceeded them all. It was so different from what I was expecting but in all the best ways. I want to reread it but I don’t know if my heart can take it.

five: persuasion

Persuasion was the last unread Jane Austen novel I had on my shelves (sobsobsob), so it was bittersweet and crusHING AND HEARTBREAKING to read. It’s one of my favorites now and I wish Captain Wentworth was real.

six: gemina

I don’t really have to say anything at this point. Just Nik. NIK.


So far, I’ve read and finished 23 books (out of my 40 goal for the year, someone please scream in my honor), reviewed about as many, spent a litttle too much on books (there are TWO hauls coming next month LET ME HIDE, PLEASE), and tried to at least not completely abandon my blog. It’s been a good year so far, guys, and I’m happy.