Leigh Bardugo Quote Series: 7.8.17

WOW. It’s been a while since our last quote! #SHAME.

I’ll fix it, I promise.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited because I get to post my favorite Bardugo quote today. It’s crazy long, but it’s probably the deepest quote I’ve read by her, and it really hit me hard.

(Bless you if you can actually read it.)


It’s another Inej Ghafa one, but I mean come on. If I’m going to do inspirational quotes, when is it not going to be something by her?

I thought so.

This quote was so long, and I made so many mistakes on my earlier drafts, that I ran through a whole stack of paper and literally killed a pen trying to get it right. (DOES THAT MAKE ME A MURDER?!) It should come as no surprise I have it memorized now. Lucky me.

Because it’s just what I do, here’s some more friendly square versions:crooked-kingdom-maybe-there-were-people-quote-square-whitecrooked-kingdom-maybe-there-were-people-quote-square-grey

You might have seen the last (grey) one before. Well, that’s because I was ridiculous and uploaded it from my phone onto my Pinterest account without running it through my site first.

Like a pro.

Probably one of my worst blog mistakes ever (okay, I’ve done WAY worse) but, what can I do?

Aaaaand, to wrap us up for this quote series (and to try to make it up to you for waiting so long), I’ve got a special edition of last month’s quote for you! (If you missed it, you can catch it here.)


Heartrender Nina Zenik red.

I basically made this for character aesthetic boards alone, so…have fun. If you have a Nina Zenik character board, comment the link below—I’d be so happy to check it out!

I hope you enjoyed today’s quotes! This will be it for quote series’ for a while. 😉

xo, Marie