Leigh Bardugo Quote Series: 7.8.17

WOW. It’s been a while since our last quote. #SHAME.

I’m pretty excited because I get to post my favorite Bardugo quote today. It’s crazy long, but it’s probably the deepest quote I’ve read by her, and it really hit me hard. LIKE A TON OF BRICKS ON MY FACE. Fun.


This quote was so long, and I made so many mistakes on my earlier drafts that I ran through a whole stack of paper and literally killed a pen trying to get it right. (I AM A MURDERER. YES.) It should come as no surprise I have it memorized now. Lucky me.

Because it’s just what I do, here’s some more friendly square versions:crooked-kingdom-maybe-there-were-people-quote-square-whitecrooked-kingdom-maybe-there-were-people-quote-square-grey