Summer Book Haul Part 1

1. I bought/received sixteen books this past May + June (though I returned two to pick up different editions this month, so do they count???? Yes???) AND I STILL HAVEN’T SHARED THEM IN A HAUL POST YET. There’s a problem here.
3. I’ve been promising a post like this since May. MAY. I need to deliver now.
4. I’m a good girl, so I will.
5. There’s not going to be a smooth transition so just roll with me

a gentleman in moscow

First up is A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. It’s hiding in the bottom right-hand corner, but it’s pretty so it shouldn’t.


Oh look, I’m blinded by SOC. How did that happen.


Once I turned the last page of Illuminae, I had an insatiable need to cry and buy Gemina, SO I DID BOTH. Other options were limited + I am weak.

Oh, and the crying never stopped. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

this side of paradise and other classic works

Important Marie fact: I collect Barnes & Noble leatherbounds. VoraCIOUSLY. Like who needs to eat let’s buy this gorgeous book INSTEAD OF MY LAST MEAL ON EARTH. It’s a healthy, controlled addiction.

I decided to rationalize this cover buy by pretending I liked the author enough to actually read the book instead of just stare at it, but. THAT HASN’T GONE WELL HEH HEH.

Oh, do you see that corner over there? It looks like a nice corner to hide in.

the complete works of william shakespeare (also leatherbound)

I told you I had issues.


I’m waiting for autumn to dig in to this monster because it’s intensely thick and sort of terrifying and I’m sort of weak.

a wrinkle in time trilogy

Another leatherbound. Another meaningless cover buy. Another time corners look great. (My bookish friends who’ve read this series, though, loved it, so am I justified????? CLIFFHANGER)

the night circus

I needed my own copy to throw at my own wall.


I take care of my possessions like a good girl.

Bookworms Out of Control: Episode 1 is now over. You’re sad, I’m sad, maybe we’ll live.