September Releases I’m Dying to Get My Hands On (Also Entitled: If My Bank Account Wasn’t Already Dead It Would Be Now)

It’s September. It’s SeptemberSeptemberSeptemberSeptemberSeptemberSeptemberSeptemberSEPTEMBER.

Why am I chanting this you ask? Well:
1) I’m crazy.

Okay. I think I can believe it’s not Christmas now. I CAN DO IT, YOU DOUBTER.

Now to the point.

This month is kind of one of the best months for books ever.

If anticipation is a pit, I’m like 4,658,709,124 miles deep. (Please help me out. I need help.)

tower of dawn (out september 5th)

9781408887974Have I read all the Throne of Glass books like a true fan? No.

Does that make me any less excited for Tower of Dawn? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Am I ready to re
ad more about my precious, protective puppy Captain of the Guard who I adore with all my bookish heart? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT. 

I’m just going to pretend that I’ve already read all of the Throne of Glass books and can jump into this book of Chaol-wonderfulness immediately. (BUT NO. Reality has other plans. #SlightlyDilusionalMarieStrikesAgain)

But I know it’s going to be awesome.

Full of tears probably. But awesome.

an enchantment of ravens (out september 26th)

Can we talk about how amazing this book is going to be for a second?


I’m going to do all the talking here. *evil laugh here*

A Handy Little List to Persuade You to Read An Enchantment of Ravens or Face the Consequences of Imprisonment in a Scary Attic:

  • First, everyone loves it. I kind of trust that. (If 30 sheep ran off a cliff and another one followed, I’d be that sheep.)
  • Second, Autumnlands.
  • Ravens.
  • A fae Prince.

I don’t even need to say any more.

Huh? HUH?

the language of thorns (releases september 26th)

9781250122520Favorite author + favorite author writing a new book + favorite author writing a new book in the Girshaverse + me being me = FLAILING. MAXIMUM FLAILING.

We finally get the Ravkan folktales we’ve been aching to hear since Shadow and Bone. HOW CAN YOU BE CALM ABOUT THAT?????

Exactly. You can’t.

*incoherent screaming*

Wait what?! Where’s Warcross?!? Where’s Godsgrave?! Where’s One Dark Throne?!?


I’ve haven’t read Three Dark Crowns or Nevernight yet.** SO HOW COULD I BE EXCITED ABOUT THE SEQUELS? THAT’S RIGHT, I CAN’T BE.

And then Warcross. Is it terrible that I am not even interested?!?*** I’ve only read two books by Marie Lu—and I stopped the second one mid-way #shame (IT DID NOT LOVE ME BACK OKAY)—and I wasn’t impressed? I don’t know, I’m just not a fan? Is that okay?****

*I’m overly dramatic apparently. I? Don’t? See? Why?

**PLEASE FORGIVE ME. This will be remedied. One day. Far in the future. *glares at Mount TBR*


****Why are you unsheathing your swords?? Is it something I said??? HAD ENOUGH OF FOOTNOTES, HUH?!?

did I miss any of your most anticipated releases for september? you gotta help me out, y’all, I KNOW I DID. drop them down and we’ll go crazy about them together.

ALSO: RQ 4 gets a name tomorrow! I AM SO EXCITED IT’S UNREAL.


11 thoughts on “September Releases I’m Dying to Get My Hands On (Also Entitled: If My Bank Account Wasn’t Already Dead It Would Be Now)

  1. Before I say anything else, WE NEED TO BUDDY READ NEVERNIGHT.
    I expect my copy to arrive by the end of the week and then I want you to drop whatever you’re currently reading for me so we can do this togetheeeer! Is that reasonable? Maybe not. Too much to ask? Probably, yes. But yeah, if you’re keen, well, hit me up!
    In other news, I have never read an SJM book (and never will, sorry) but recently stumbled upon a blogger’s interview with her and just decided to dive into the spoilers of Tower of Dawn (which were well marked and warned about, so all voluntarily). Basically, I know everything that will happen to Chaol *evil laugh*
    I have also never read anything of the Grisha-verse or by LB in general (look, I can’t be into every series okay but I am working on it!!) but it’s good to see she’s providing lots of future reading food for me. Yas.

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    1. Sandyyyy! You’re so sweet, thank you so much! Unfortunately, I don’t know when I could get my hands on Nevernight and I don’t want to hold you back. SHAME ON ME. I totally need to buddy read with you one of these days though! (AND AHEM NOOOO you can’t taunt me about Chaol like that!! So. Insensitive.) BUTBUTBUT please make room for Leigh. That is not future reading food, that is NOW reading food.

      Like right now.
      Go. READDDD.
      I have your best in mind.


    2. Ahh no worries, I thought you had Nevernight already! I’ll finish TMI before starting it though, so just tell me if you happen to get it! But yes whether that works out or not we shall buddy read /something/!

      I spot a review of Tower of Dawn already *moahaha*

      And I won Six of Crows in a giveaway, it should’ve been here by now but isn’t 😦 We’ve contacted Book Depository though, hope it will get here asap!

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    3. Ah, you’ve reminded me of another series I’ve got to read! I MUST READ SOME CASSIE CLARE OR MY BOOK BLOGGER BADGE IS GETTING TAKEN AWAY. But it’s ok. And OF COURSE! We are going to read something together one of these days. We have to. I’ll try to brainstorm some ideas muhahahaha. As far as the SOC giveaway, WOW. WHAT A GIVEAWAY TO WIN. I’m going to have to coerce Book Dep and their evil minions to get Six of Crows to you RIGHT NOW because oh my gosh you’re going to adore it. I must know all the thoughts. (Obviously I reviewed Throne of Glass. Who do you think I am??)


  2. LANGAUGE OF THORNS. My that came around fast! I’m so excited, the book itself is beautiful and I just…AHHHHHH. Leigh Bardugo has me eating out of her hand. I’ll buy anything with her name slapped on it at this point. 😂

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    1. YES. Leigh has that effect and it isn’t fair. (I WANT MORE. MOAAARRR!) So obviously I can’t wait to get my hands on this latest release AND I’LL GO WITHOUT FOOD FOR IT. (Just kidding I can’t sacrifice avocados for anything. ANYTHING.) We are both going to die of joy when we finally get them aren’t we? AREN’T WE????


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