Summer Book Haul Part 2 (And it’s Autumn Now So… Points to Me and My Punctuality)

Now for the second part of my summer book haul. It’s missing some pictures, but you’re a reader. You should have enough imagination to make up for it, right?

But the saddest thing isn’t the lack of pictures, the fact that I’m listening to the Greatest Showman soundtrack again, or crying over A Million Dreams. The saddest thing is that I have like three more of these haul posts to go. If something has to change, I’m ignoring it.

the two towers + the return of the king

My beautiful best friend (who makes super creative jewelry, by the way) gave me The Two Towers and The Return of the King for my birthday this year and I am so excited to read them. So excited that I’ve put them off for another twenty years. I’m a good friend.

She hasn’t killed me yet.

murder on the orient express

When I first bought Murder on the Orient Express, I accidentally got an edition that didn’t match the Christie novel I already had. I threw a few vases. But I returned it and everything’s good now. I am a snob.

I hope I can finish it before the movie comes out—which I have low expectations for because I’m that horrible book person—but as long as I don’t want to throw any more vases when I exit the theater I’ll be satisfied.

the murder of roger ackroyd

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd has been recommended to me for years, but I’ve been stubborn and ignored everything.

Maybe I should try out the not-stubborn thing and give it a go. Because, naturally, I’m an angel.

the picture of dorian gray

Next up is A Picture of Dorian Gray, my October read for this year. But I am so tempted to start it now.

I’m forcing myself to wait, though, because it seems like such a perfect book to read over spooky October. Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong, but I hope I enjoy the heck out of it.

(It also blinds me with beauty sometimes, but that’s besides the point. It just hurts my eyes.)


This one was a birthday gift from one of my closest friends (does she know me well or do I force my suggestions on her—we’ll never know) and I am so in love with it.

It was such an enchanting book and I’m dying to reread it soon. Jest calls.

He always calls.


I broke Illuminae open the second I got it and I started falling in love with it immediately. Those reviews? The hype? Real.

Me? Who knows. I just type things.

If you made it to the end, thank you so much for reading! It’s so fun to share this with you and pretend to be cool.

And well, it isn’t over yet. MWAHAHAHAHA

2 thoughts on “Summer Book Haul Part 2 (And it’s Autumn Now So… Points to Me and My Punctuality)

  1. Oh em geeee all of these look *so* good!!

    Like, LOTR, yas! Shame I didn’t start this series earlier (for the first time in English), we could’ve buddy-read that, but oh well. I’m always excited when people are reading them! Tolkien is just brilliant.

    The book-returning-thing, lmao SAME! I returned my paperback of Nevernight for the HC to match it with the right copy of Godsgrave I HAVEN’T EVEN BOUGHT YET. So don’t feel bad, haha.

    Very excited to see how you’ll like the Agatha Christie novels! Have you read anything by her before? I recently got And Then There Were None and 4.50 From Paddington – only because of Stefie ;D

    Also, Illuminae. So glad you loved it!! I’ve been dying to get this for literal ages but decided to wait until Obsidio is out but dang, it’s tough.

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    1. Thank you sooo much!!! Oh my goodness that would’ve been a great buddy read! But YES. He is such a genius it’s kind of crazy. AND YES DUDE I saw that on your Instagram story! I don’t blame you in the least. IT’S SO AGGRAVATING WHEN SERIES’ DON’T MATCH. I’m glad I’m not alone. Obviously, if you couldn’t stay immune to Stefie, neither could I, so I’ve got a million Agatha Christie novels on my tbr HEH HEH. BUT PLEASE !!! THAT’S TOO LONG TO WAIT! You gotta read Illuminae soon!! You would LOVE IT, I just know.


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