1 Confession, 2 Months, and 3 Changes

Okay guys. This is going to be a dirty, shameful update, so rip out your pens and notebooks, you busybodies.

Since the epitome of shame = forgetting to blog (OBVIOUSLY)*, there’s a lot of shame around here spinning over a certain someone. (This is the dirty, shameful part of the update if you weren’t aware.**)

And that lovely human just happens to be me. I’ve been gone for two months.

*Falling into a bowl of soup may be more shameful and embarrassing, but how would I know

**What do you mean,Β anticlimactic?

How did this happen, you ask? Some dreadful medical complication of school, a reading slump, and laziness, they tell me. If you’ve been a long-time follower, you probably remember updates like this sprinkled into other posts, apologizing for my excessive lack of motivation, etc., etc. This is because my blogging method was like so:

2) Schedule a whole month’s worth of posts. Proceed to storm up ideas for future posts and plan the next 82 years of my blogging life.
3) Blog successfully for the scheduled month.
4) Post the month’s wrap up, and promise what’s coming next month without actually…writing…the posts.
5) Forget the posts were unwritten
6) Write a pretty to-do list to remind myself to you know…write
7) Wait four more weeks to write the post
9) Merge promised posts from the previous month’s wrap up to this month’s wrap up
10) Forget about them again
12) Repeat steps 9-11 until hiding in a corner for two months is the best option

This is more or less historic fact, and I have just now come out of my corner. (Staying in the same position for months can get tiresome, apparently.)

So what’s going to change?

Three things. (You knew that? HOW CLEVER YOU ARE, YOU COULD READ THE TITLE)

1) I’m not going to force myself to post so much so often anymore. That wears my writing muscles out and the recovery process is long and dreadful, as evidenced by…this update.

2) At the end of my wrap up posts, when I do post them, I will no longer promise what’s coming next. It stresses me out and forces me to ask for forgiveness when I forget and let’s face itΒ I ALWAYS FORGET so oops. Nevermore.

3) My reviews might be less in-depth and more in-the-moment rambling without all the fancy graphics. I’ll try to keep them just as organized and content-conscious, but I’m still trying to figure out what works best for me and my schedule, so who knows! We’re along for the ride.

Thank you for your patience with me and my craziness while I work out this whole blogging deal!

Hopefully now there will be less apologizing and more blogging. *nervous laughter*

Marie Williams