Christmas Gift Guide

December snuck up on me a bit this year. Did it sneak up on you, too? If it did, no worries, I’m here to make help you empty your coffers. [evil laugh resounds]*

I’ll be forcing a gift guide and some major deals down your throats today, so if you’re a victim of December’s sneakiness, looking for a last-minute gift idea for a tricksy friend, want to find a little something to treat yourself with, or simply want to laugh at me (I can’t blame you, I’m hilarious), this post is for you.

*What are you talking about, it didn’t come from me


This post is catered to the glorious species of bookworm, so if you aren’t one, you’ll either be super bored, super scared, or super weirded out. It might be better if you run now. Thou hast been disclaimed.

books, obviously.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a bookworm in possession of a large bookshelf, will be in want of more books.

Jane Austen, obviously
YEP, the brainless answer is now out of the way. But like seriously what bookworm doesn’t want more books.

Even if it isn’t to read them.

Even it it’s just to stare at them.



*We all know how fulfilling staring at a book is, the beAUTY

bookish merch

The more that you read, the more obsessions you’ll have. The more obsessions you have, the more merch you will buy.”

Lesser known quote by Dr. Seuss
Woah there, we’ve arrived at the first semi-creative gift idea! LOOK AT THAT, IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.

But back to the point.

Bookish merch comes in all shapes and sizes of absolute cuteness. In the family we’ve got bookmarks, candles, mugs, prints, enamel pins, and well…many more distant relatives. The amount of stores and shops selling bookish merch is crAZY OVERWHELMING, so here’s a little list of my favorite and most recommended ones.



  • White Saturday & Co. / This shop is owned by @stefiereads, a darling bookstagrammer and friend who has the prettiest bookmarks basically ever. I have two. Ha. Yes.
  • Read the Stars (pictured) / I fell for these bookmarks the moment I laid eyes on them. It’s true love, people.
  • Nook & Burrow / I adore my #currentlyreading bookmark to no end, so of course I have to push the shop. *waggles brows*
  • The Enchanted Bookshop / These bookmarks are a fangirl’s dream. So it goes without saying I drool over them all. THAT’S NOT GROSS STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT



  • In the Wick of Time (pictured) / I may or may not have an obsession with the labels of these candles, but I love smelling them too. Like WOW HOW DO YOU BOTTLE GORGEOUSNESS? I don’t know, but I like it.
  • Reverie Library / I don’t own any of these candles (because candles = expensive) but I’m making up for it by having a million on my wishlist. I’m currently eyeing the Heartrender one intensely because, you know.

et cetera.

  • Literary Emporium (pictured) / I love literally everything these people make. SO. MANY. ENAMEL. PINS. I. CAN’T. KEEP. CALM.
  • Brookish / It’s Jane Austen heaven.
  • Page With A View / Custom bookish Funko Pops and pure awesomeness. Need I say more?

Please join me in a moment of silence for the part of me that died when I saw the price of aforementioned custom Funkos. Thank you.

a watch

You know, so you have something to keep track of how much time you’re wasting reading.* Or blogging. Or being me.

But in all seriousness, I have a soft spot for watches and I just happen to have some great deals for you if you have a soft spot for them too! Let the confetti be spewed.


I discovered JORD watches this fall, and I? Love? Mine?? I chose the Frankie in zebrawood and champagne (which I so ingeniously named Mr. Frankie** because who doesn’t name their watches) and it can literally go with so much. I never thought of wood as a neutral, but it totally is! Every one of JORD’s watches is super unique and they have a great variety of timepieces to choose from. There’s some snazzy men’s watches and daintier women’s ones, so you have absolutely no excuse to not find one you like. HA.

I also might have freaked out a teeeeeeny bit when I saw that the box had a magnetic drawer, and saying so probably just proves that I’m even more of a geek than I think I am, but I DON’T CARE. Drawers are cool, and I’ll fight you on that.

As no small last point, the sizing job was fabulous and the watch fits perfectly. Because the watch is wood, it might seem like it would be scratchy on the skin or rough in places, but it’s so smooth it doesn’t feel like wood at all. So it doesn’t just fit well, it feels good too.

You can get an instant coupon on your JORD just by clicking here.


**Yeah I’m freaking out about my clever creativity too

So there you have it! Maybe this helped you or amused you…I’m just hoping this doesn’t sound like a 904 word hint to my family.

what about you? what are some of your go-to ideas for Christmas gifts? drop them down below!