Leigh Bardugo Quote Series: 6.4.17

Unlike last time I did a quote series, I’m going to try my best not to smother you in quotes. Every. Day.

That wasn’t the smartest thing.

I hope you enjoyed your few days rest, because we are back at it again.



This time I’ve lettered one of my favorite humorous Crooked Kingdom quotes. Of course it’s Nina Zenik’s.

Here’s a peek at it before it got digitized:

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Leigh Bardugo Quote Series: 6.1.17

I wanted to celebrate the coming of summer with some of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite authors, Leigh Bardugo. I did this in spring with quotes from Jane Austen, and I think it was a rather fun way to ring in the new season! So well…a Leigh Bardugo Quote Series is here.

You’re welcome.

Today’s quote is from Crooked Kingdom, the second and final book in the Six of Crows series. It’s one of Inej’s mantras, so of course I loved it.

Of course.

You guys will be very familiar with fabulous-Inej-Ghafa-quotes by the time I’m done with you. *evil laughter fades into the distance*

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Jane-A-Day: 2.25.17

Is it really Saturday already? This week has totally snuck up on me.

This quote from Emma has nothing to do with that, but here it is.

It’s actually my favorite quote from the book, probably, and as I’m in an independent mind lately, it fits my mood.

Maybe I should just reread the whole book and bask in the glory of those. Wonderful. Quotes.

Or—er—well, do something productive.

Jane-A-Day: 2.24.17

So this little lady started and finished Persuasion last week without letting you know, and it was absolutely lovely. Excepting Lady Susan, it was the last “new” Jane Austen novel I had left to read, and there couldn’t possibly have been a better one to end on. A review should be up soon, but in the meantime, allow me to swoon over the gorgeous quotes.

There will be many more. Many. More.

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Jane-A-Day: 2.23.17


If you know me, it’s pretty hard to have not caught me rhapsodizing about Emma. It instantly skyrocketed to the top of my favorite’s list the moment I finished it, so it’s not surprising that one of its most charming quotes should feature on today’s Daily Jane. 😉

There are so many good quotes from Emma, in particular, that I could hardly stop writing them down, so you’ll definitely be seeing more soon!

Jane-A-Day: 2.22.17


Of course, I should’ve probably kicked off with this quote, as it’s Pride & Prejudice and we all know what that means.

From an intellectual standpoint, though, I really love this one! Austen makes a good distinction between two closely related characteristics, and there’s nothing I like more than Jane Austen getting moral. 😉