August (+ July + Maybe June) Wrap-Up Because I’m a Horrible Blogger and I’m Sorry

Wait what? June?!? JUNE?!? 

Wasn’t that like…months ago? Shouldn’t we have had this post before, you whisper?

Well. I ran away from blogging for a month or two and I missed my June wrap-up and I’m should be sent to the book blogger guillotine now. NOW! I missed July and I might have missed June and I don’t even know what’s what anymore. IT’S ALL PAIN.

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June Wrap-Up + The Highly Anticipated, Glorious, Mid-Year Recap Remiscing My Favorite Reads of 2017 So Far

It’s the second of July. 2017 IS MORE THAN HALFWAY GONE. That means we’re due for a nostalgic discussion of the best books I’ve read this year. Muahahahaha I FEEL POWERFUL. (Ignore that. You’re gonna be fineeee.)

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April Wrap-Up: Circuses, Stars, Lightning + Happy Things

April has been one awesome month. Smiles! Smiles all around! As far as The B goes, I bought a domain name (hip hip hooray for impossible-to-spell-middle-of-the-night name ideas), celebrated my first blog anniversary (complete with imaginary cake, yes), and pretended to look like I’ve actually been blogging for a year/generally know what I’m doing/not scream when really, 90% of the posts I’ve written are rotting in the trash can or reverted to drafts because they were THAT CRINGEY.

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