Oh look at you, all fancy. Reading the prologue first. I’m proud.


Did I scream it loud enough? Good, because I’m the only one here, and it would be a little embarrassing to be screaming any louder alone. It would probably be more embarrassing to be screaming with other people around, but what does that matter.

Here, we take pictures of mugs, keep dead leaves handy, and Do It For The Aesthetic.™

If you won’t judge, I won’t judge.

The Bibliologist began in April 2016 to rant about the difficulty of deciding whether to buy the Red Queen box set or the individual books (why?? Marie??) and since then I’ve discovered that writing book reviews is both more fun and 82% more professional. You don’t cringe, I don’t cringe, it’s better for everyone.

Now we’re highbrow.

what makes your reviews better than mine?

214aad77-aef6-4487-881e-138bf5e51d6bWell, that’s probably not exactly what was going through your mind, but you can pretend.


My reviews are worth as much as anyone else’s. Less, probably, because using gifs is unprofessional amazing and no one has realized it yet.

Opinions are everywhere; mine are no more significant. I haven’t discovered the secret to having the best opinion yet, BUT I’LL LET YOU KNOW WHEN I FIGURE IT OUT. Instead, I fill my reviews with capital letters in immediate sequence (all caps??? noooo, this is much fancier), footnotes because word flow is overrated, and a nifty little “dirty talk” section at the end. That section gives you the scoop on the book’s content so you don’t start sweating randomly when you’re reading wondering hOW ON EARTH IS THIS EVEN YA????

Becuase. That’s awkward.

who are you anyway?

img_1883I’m Marie, and I’m an underage bookaholic. What are you looking at me like that for?? I’M DOING FINE.

I make bad puns, judge books by their covers, and stay up past my bedtime. I also like to stare at my bookshelves and film in front of them. On the scale of 1 to normal I’d rate a banging 2.

I read books to review them, dissect at the maps, and find the morally grey (preferably dark-haired) antagonists. If you just called me shallow you’d be right. But I have Kaz Brekker so I’m not complaining.

Since I’d probably spasm, flail, and die if you asked me what my favorite book is, I’ve got a handy link that will take you to all my favorites I’ve reviewed. Because there’s no such thing as picking one.

I hope you enjoy your time here, stalker.