Confused? Ripping your hair out?? Screaming in the attic???? I got you. Below is a breakdown of each star rating and what I’ve butchered them to become they mean to me.

Star ratings


What is chill? Goodbye world, I’m living in these books and only coming out to buy collector’s editions and compel you to love them, too.


Great books with some minor flaws.


Something felt off. I was probably tempted to throw these books at a wall at some point.


Unsatisfied and ashamed of myself for falling for the pretty cover.

If these books got run over by a car, I’d be driving that car.

Content ratings

Books in the 10+ category are safe for anyone. They contain no offensive language, violence, sensuality, and/or substances.

Books in the 12+ category are safe for general consumption. They contain no offensive language, minimal violence, and little romance.

Books in the 14+ category are safe for older kids. These books are allowed a few more strikes but still fit into the “PG” category, containing mild language, some violence, and innuendo.

Books in the 16+ category have been written for more mature audiences. These books contain frequent profanity, fatal violence, suggestive sensuality/innuendo, and/or substance use.

Finally, books in the 18+ category have sinned unforgivably. These books would be rated “R” if they were movies and contain high volumes of harsh profanity, graphic violence, explicit sensuality/innuendo, and/or substance abuse.